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Mission & Vision

With 19 years of establishment, S2 Consulting has provided a variety of services to more than 40,000 clients. Being the pivot of our customers’ needs, we bring forth long-term solutions including human resources, career skills program, real estate, financial investment, government welfare, immigration, business development and incubation. We pride ourselves on being the leading one-stop consultation firms in Canada.

Mission & Vision

Studying Abroad

S2 International Students
Visa Application + International student services + Follow-ups

Career & Internships

S2 Human Resources Center
Corporate internship + Job Hunting + Benefits Application

Immigration Services

S2 Immigration Service
Job Match + Express Entry Evaluation + Application

Financial Services

CCUE Finance
CCUE Finance is dedicated to offering comprehensive investment and financial services, providing one-stop services on life insurance, estate planning, investment funds, taxation and other financial products and services. In 2017, CCUE joined IDC WORLDSOURCE INC. (leading Managing General Agency), and became its Associate General Agency. CCUE is the direct agent of 24 financial and insurance institutions.

Real Estate Investment

CCUE Realty
CCUE Realty joined Royal Lepage in the year 2017, offering high quality real estate services to our valued customers. We offer our agents strong support with timely information and market data they need plus state-of-the-art marketing tools, professional development and in-person training.

News Articles

Events & Clubs

Events & Clubs

Annual appreciation galas and banquets for our clients and partners.

Corporate Appreciation Gala

Near the end of every year, S2 consulting would invite over 300 entrepreneurs to discuss the latest industry trends and innovations, forging a stronger and more mutually beneficial relationship.

Clients Appreciation Gala

Every year during Chinese lunar new year, S2 Consulting would invite over 300 clients to our appreciation dinner banquet. Here we thank them for placing their trust in us.

International Student Parents Luncheon

Providing the parents with exquisite delicacy as well as educating them on the latest policies. Helping them clear the path for their children's future.

News Articles

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S2 Consulting Inc
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S2 Founder Interview


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Our Team

Our Team

Sky Line Social Club

Hosting a variety of online and off-line events, helping international students to broaden their social circle and obtain more information.

International Students Club

A platform for the parents of international students, a professional team dedicated to planning a better future for your children.

Our Partners

Our Partners




安省雇主担保 | 全球越来越多的国家都相继推出移民政策,关于移民的热度一直持续高涨,但是很多人由于对加拿大父母担移民的误解从而直接否定移民这种方式,或是半知半解或是曲解,所以申请移民加拿大的困难更多不是条件不符合,而是因为自己的思想陷入误区。关于申请加拿大父母担保移民误区,你入坑了吗?

S2 immigration and career
Offering latest information and news in the field of immigration and government policies.
Canadian Investment and Study
Helping readers to thoroughly understand Canada and its culture.
CCUE Realty and Real Estate
The most reliable Canadian-Chinese source of information for financial news.
Canadian Entrepreneurs
Largest human resource centre in canada, updating employment informations and job listings.
Sky Line Social Club
Providing the latest news for students and teenagers who are studying abroad.

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